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Derived from the love and inspiration of "Dating with Europe", the owner built an Edenia Resort with all his beliefs and aspirations and gave it his whole heart. The project is located on a large land area of 40.44ha, including the main hotel block and villas.

Inspired by interesting stories of Mediterranean civilizations such as: Garden of Eden, Hanging Gardens of Babylon..., Edenia opens up a poetic and romantic European scene that seems only in legends with pictures. Photos of soft curved domes interspersed in green gardens, bring a sense of peace to visitors when they arrive here. 

One of the attractions of the project is the central landscape axis, which, combined with the 3-storey infinity crystal pool, forms the heart of Edenia. Italian restaurant inspired by Colosseum, located at a height of 3.5m, has three-sided views facing the sea. In particular, the work is designed to be semi-submerged under the ground, as if protruding from the ground, viewed from the hotel. The restaurant looks like an aerial performance stage with the roof being the square and the main steps. This is the grand stand of the legendary arena.

The hotel block is designed in a sophisticated Roman architecture style, located on a 13m high hill, the hotel rooms are calculated in detail to ensure that all views are facing the central landscape axis and the sea, creating a visitors' continuous vision experience. The design of Edenia Hotel also recreates the story from the legend of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, creating rich gardens on high, bringing an interesting blend with the natural landscape. The central dome of the tower block is inspired by the image of the Arc de Triomphe, a symbol of Europe, not only creating impressive beauty but also telling the story of Europe in the most special way. The rooftop architecture shows the characteristics of the owner Blue Sea Group with the image of a crown, a symbol of the royal family, affirming the position and the highest value that Blue Sea Group brings to its customers and partners. 

Surrounded by prosperity from nature, Edenia Resort brings new energy, abundant emotions and endless love for visitors. 

Edenia Resort is one of the few resort real estate projects in Vietnam that is determined by the investor to fully apply the requirements of green standards to help save energy, reduce emissions and be environmentally friendly. Thereby, Edenia Resort hopes to bring you a friendly, quality space, truly in harmony with nature, an ideal place to live, rest and fully enjoy.



Edenia Resort is located at Ho Tram beach with pristine nature, a harmonious combination of forest terrain and adjacent sea creating a wonderful resort and experience space. Located on a coastal route with green space of the forest and clean of the sea, the location of the Edenia Resort project is in the heart of the beautiful, expensive Ho Tram area with a convenient transportation system connecting the area: 

  • 90 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City by car
  • 50 minutes from Long Thanh airport
  • 40 minutes from Vung Tau city center and located very close to the existing famous tourist clusters of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province such as: Long Hai, Ho Coc, Minera Hot Spring Binh Chau.
  • 2.5 hours by car from the Phan Thiet city
  • 6 hours by car from the Da Lat city
  • 8 hours by car from Nha Trang city
  • 1.5 hour flight from Phu Quoc



With the love of nature and the beautiful European land, along with understanding the needs and feelings of customers, Edenia converges unique, impressive and sophisticated resort facilities:

- Italian restaurant, all day dining restaurant, buffet restaurant, Thai restaurant

- Spa in European style

- Swimming pool, landscape, water music stage.

- Pier overlooking the sea.

- Bridge of love connecting the forest and the sea.

... and many other diverse facilities will surely make unforgettable experiences and emotions.


The products of Edenia Resort Project

The products of Edenia Resort Project


Zone A: Forest by service area, area 20 hectares, including: 

• Nursery garden

• Flower Gardens

• Veggie Garden

• Camping ground

Zone B: Seaside service area, 20 hectares, including:

• The villa area includes products

    - Single villa area

    - Duplex villa area

     - Hill villa area

    - Sea villa area

• Mansion

• Hotel

• Utility areas

• Technical infrastructure

• Landscape

• Beach

Sample products

Biệt thự đơn lập

Biệt thự đơn lập

Biệt thự song lập

Biệt thự song lập



- Completing conceptual design, basic design and construction technical design.

- Under construction infrastructure and landscape.